Mini USB Air Conditioners – The Best USB Air Coolers

These days you dont have to be rich to have air conditioning. Even if your office doesn’t have air conditioning, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it. USB Air conditioners are available.

A lot of the devices that claim to be air conditioners are actually USB powered fans. Now there is nothing wrong with these devices, but they aren’t actually cooling the air, like an air con unit should be!

So are USB air conditioners actually cooling the air? YES! How do they work? A traditional air conditioner works a lot like a fridge. They suck the warmth out of the air and then transfer that heat away from the office, usually dumping it outside somewhere. This works well but it also uses a lot of power. And power is something that a USB outlet doesn’t have.

So how do USB air conditioners get around this lack of power?

They usually use water as a coolant, either spraying a fine mist towards you or actually using the water to cool the air and then blowing the cooled air towards you.

Below are three of the best USB air conditioner units.

Monilon Mini Misting Fan USB Air Conditioner

This is a fan that sprays a mist in your direction. The effect is a surprisingly cooling experience. Making you feel noticeably cooler than you were before you switched it on. Strictly speaking, this is powered by an on-board battery, but it is charged by USB.

The unit has a small bottle that holds the water and the fan turns this into a mist.

Mini Fan & Portable Dual Bladeless Small Air Conditioner

This unit looks a lot different from the hand held unit above. However it is still portable, being powered by an onboard battery and charged by USB. The unit is bladeless and you can even add oils or scents to this USB air conditioner.

The unit itself looks neat and would sit comfortably on any desk. Available in three colors, you can match it to your desk.

Instead of blowing mist towards you this unit uses the water to cool the air. You can grind ice up and put it in the little drawer to have ice cold air blasted in your face! It works great and doesn’t wet your face.

So which USB air cooler should you choose?

In the end it just comes down to preference. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

The water spray method feels great, but it does wet your face and the cooled air method usually needs ice to work effectively.

Whichever you choose, you never need to be without cool, refreshing air ever again!